Tea Meditation


You can use the following steps to practice bringing your attention to the whole sensory experience of making the perfect cup of Chamomile Opulence tea.

  • Pause to reflect on your current mood. What are your mental and physical needs at this time?

  • Be intentional about the cup you choose. Choose one that brings a positive or comforting memory to you.

  • Turn your attention to the sound of the water boiling. Notice your thoughts & deepen your breath.

  • Add the water to the cup slowly & notice the tea leaves as they expand. Notice the water change colour.

  • When you're ready for a sip, hold the cup to your nose & inhale.

  • Turn your awareness now to your physical body. The feeling of your hand holding the cup. The ground beneath your feet.

  • Call to mind something you feel grateful for today. While holding that memory or thought in your mind, bring your awareness to your heart. Imagine planting a seed of gratitude for that memory or thought into the centre of your heart.