About La Bonne Fille Fine Tea Co.


La Bonne Fille, the good girl

La Bonne Fille Fine Tea Company is on a mission to help you unleash moments of pleasure through guilt-free, good-for-you products. Indulge in our delicious, luxurious, full and delicate teas, mindfully chosen to elicit moments of pleasure while savouring every sip and scent. Nourishing the romantic spirit, La Bonne Fille’s exciting lineup of flavours and aromas will arouse your senses. Take a mindful pause for yourself and infuse moments of luxury and romance throughout your dayStop. Sip. Sigh. Wow. 


And as you wait for your tea to steep, dive into the latest chapter of our exclusive serialized romance novel, The Good Girl’s Guide to Paris. You can subscribe on the La Bonne Fille Story page. 

A Passion For Sustainability

We are passionate about responsible sourcing and sustainability. 


All Bonne Fille Fine Teas are sourced from carefully selected farms with the highest quality ingredients from around the globe. All blending is done in Canada with the strictest quality control and focus on product excellence. We are proud members of the Tea and Herbal Association of Canada.


There's a thoughtfulness behind our elegance. Our unique, refillable tea cylinder packaging is made of simple rigid cardboard with paper coating free from gloss, foil, or wax, making it ready and easy to recycle.. We made sure to source high-end packaging that looks and feels as luxurious as our flavours. 

 All our teas are enveloped in the delicate veil of our plant -based, biodegradable PLA-KNIT tea filter material made by forming PLA fibers into a mesh fabric that is free of DNA, micro-plastic, and GMOs. Our cotton string and printed-paper tag are attached without the use of glue to the PLA mesh using ultrasonic vibrational technology, instantly fusing the string to the mesh. The same technique is used when the rolled PLA mesh is spun into a pyramid shape, filled with whole leaf tea, and sealed during production on our tea bag machine, at our manufacturing facility.