The Good Girl’s Guide to Paris

For Sophie Flores has achieved everything she’s set her mind on—everything, that is, except for romance.

When the man of her dreams calls off their year-in-the-making wedding, she’s shattered, gutted, and totally thrown for a loop. On impulse, she flies to Paris, needing distance from the pain and some kind of clarity about why she didn’t see this coming.

Sophie—ever the methodical, sensible, capable, hashtag-girlboss—wants to figure out what went wrong, and keep it from happening ever again.

But on the way to finding answers, she finds something she never thought she’d see again: The yearning romantic lost somewhere underneath the accolades and over-achievements. The tender heart that hasn’t stopped tugging her towards loving herself, wholly and completely, and letting
herself be loved in return.

She’s been a good girl, and it’s gotten her nowhere. Maybe it’s time to be a little bit bad...